1. What to do to get a tyre certificate?
You must apply for the certification audit via the registration form at
www.certyfikatoponiarski.pl, make an appointment for an audit, transfer the audit fee and
meet the certification criteria.

2. How to apply to the certification program?
Only via the registration form on www.certyfikatoponiarski.pl

3. Who can apply for certification?
Any tyre service site that meets the certification criteria. You can be an independent service
either in the service network or in the ATS. It does not matter to us.

4. How to prepare?
The basis is to check if the service meets the certification criteria and the service technicians
are able to perform the wheel handling procedure. During the audit, individual criteria will be
carefully checked and completed. Free training sessions will be carried out during the year to
prepare for the certification audit.

5. What are the certification criteria?
The criteria apply to both the technical equipment of the service as well as the training of
mechanics and the level of customer service. They are divided into three levels – good, very
good and exemplary. In each of them there are the main criteria (key for proper execution of
the service) and conditional criteria (which are important for the general assessment of a
given service).

6. Why exactly such criteria?
Such selected criteria allow to objectively assess the quality of service of a given service, the
level and condition of technical equipment as well as customer service.

7. Do all criteria have to be met?
All main criteria must be met 100%. Additional criteria must be met at least at 50%.

8. What does the tyre certificate audit look like?
The auditor arrives at the time agreed by both parties. After identification and
communication with the person managing the service, he proceeds to a detailed verification
of the criteria.
The wheel operation procedure is recorded. In the segment of passenger car tyres, all
services will support the same tyres and the same rims provided by the auditor. After each
audit a summary conversation is conducted with the person managing the service during
which the auditor discusses in detail the audit results and the level of service quality in the
given service

9 . How long does the workshop take to fill the gaps?
In the case of documentation deficiencies, the website will receive 14 days to complete the
documents and send scans to the auditor. A visit of the auditor is not necessary.
In the case of missing equipment, the service will get 30 days to fill in the gaps. The next visit
of the auditor is necessary for verification.
In the case of errors in the wheel handling procedure recorded during certification, the
auditor waits for the procedure to finish and without revealing errors, he asks to analyze the
performed operations with the reference procedure and to execute it again. In the case of
repeated errors in the next approach, the audit is not passed.

10. What determines the cost of the audit?
The cost of the audit depends on the selected certificate level (good, very good or
exemplary), and therefore its duration. The higher the certificate level, the more criteria
there are to meet and the longer it takes them to verify by the auditor.

11. What are the additional costs?
Additional costs are related, for example, to the fee for the visit of a mysterious customer
(only on an exemplary level) or to a supervision audit (mandatory after 1 year from receiving
the certificate)

12. What about the payment if the service does not receive a certificate?
Because the auditor always performs full certification and a summary conversation, this
negative audit result does not affect the fee.

13. What happens when, for example, the service reports on the certificate at a very good
level, and after the audit it turns out that it meets the criteria for a good level? What about
the payment in this case?
During the summarizing conversation, the auditor proposes a certificate for the level the
service received in the audit. Because the audit was carried out to the extent that it was paid,
the fee is not refundable.

14. Who should I make a transfer for an audit fee?
Transfer services are carried out directly to the TÜV SUD account after receiving by e-
mail the documents of the audit order (certification regulations, price list, criteria and
procedures and data for the transfer)

15. Who will carry out the audit?
The audit will be carried out by experienced TÜV SUD auditors with many years of
experience in evaluating the service.

16. How many certificate levels do you have?
There are three levels of certification – good, very good and exemplary. At the good level, the
basic equipment of the service is assessed without which it is impossible to perform a correct
and safe service for the customer and a minimum level of customer service.

17. Why is not there only one level?
With such a wide variation in the level of service in tyre services, it is not possible to set the
bar on one level. That is why there are 3 levels showing the way to the perfection of tyre

18. Do you need to get certificates one by one, or you can get the highest one right away?
It is only a decision of a given website whether it will develop and certify itself for successive
stages or immediately start from the average or the highest level.

19. Is the certificate granted forever?
Because there are no audits in the world confirmed with lifetime certificates, the tyre
certificate is also valid. Valid for 2 years under the condition of performing a shortened
surveillance audit after one year from the certificate being granted.

20. What is the duration of the certificate?
The Tyre Certificate is valid for 2 years, provided that a short audit audit is performed one
year after the certificate is granted.

21. Can you lose your certificate before its expiration?
Yes, in the event of failing the supervision audit or an unannounced audit of the auditor
during which he discovers a failure to meet the criteria of a tyre certificate, the certificate is
received without the right to use its symbols.

22. What happens after the expiration of the certificate's validity period?
The service may apply for re-certification.

23. Will drivers and customers be informed about certified services?
A marketing campaign targeted at drivers and customers of tyre services has always been
one of the main objectives of this project. The certificate is meant to help good websites
reach customers. Therefore, as many of them will learn what a tyre certificate is, what the
service and its crew had to pass to get ready for it and receive it and what it gives to the

24. What are the distinguishing features of a tyre certificate?
Distinctions of the tyre certificate that will get all the service positively ending the audit are:
a large table with the logo of the certificate and an indication of the level of service and
segment; entry stickers and a certificate in the form of a diploma. In addition, each service
that positively passes the certification audit will gain access to paid features such as flags,
illuminated signs, gadgets for customers or clothing for mechanics.

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