Are you sure that your auto workshop didn’t damage your tyres? ensures a high quality of service

Your workshop damaged your tyres during seasonal change? You don’t know how to check it? It is worth to choose a certified workshop that has undergone an audit and has been thoroughly checked. Certification of Tyre Services helps workshops to improve their quality – which is crucial for safety – increases their level of competitiveness and gives customers confidence that the service will be performed by professionals.

There are nearly 12 000 tyre services in Poland – that’s as many as in much larger European countries. Unfortunately, the level of the service and work culture is very diverse. There is also no uniform training system. Too many workshops change tyres in an unacceptable manner, often using a lot of force. This causes the inner layers of a tyre to stretch and tear, and even tear of the side walls – parts that transfer force from the tyre to the rim. However, you won’t be able to check this as a customer, because you don’t have access to the hall. That is why the Polish Tyre Industry Association is introducing a system for assessing and awarding professional services based on an independent audit of equipment and qualifications.

When driving at highway speed, tyres spin more than 1000 times per minute. That leaves no margin for error or negligence. Servicing of tyres has a huge impact on road safety – so far the customer has had very limited ability to assess who they entrusts their car.

Włodzimierz Zientarski

– In the automotive industry, technology is galloping forward – there are newer cars and ever better tyres – therefore, increasingly better service machines. But it’s very easy to damage them – and we won’t even notice! There is no room for playing roulette with our lives on the road – we, the drivers, must monitor the technical condition of our car. Do each of us really know how our tyres were changed? Do we have confidence in our auto workshop? The time has come to reflect on these issues!says Włodzimierz Zientarski, automotive journalist.

– Competing by price and time only when it comes to a service as important as replacing tyres is a blind alley. The PTIA Certification of Tyre Services is an opportunity for professional workshops to promote their services through their high quality and thus to distinguish themselves from random tyre services, many of which are present in every major town. The criteria of certification are transparent and can be a great tool for workshop managers – both those in a network and independent – to check employees’ skills and improve the competitiveness of the workshop before starting the audit performed by TÜV SÜD. However, we do not leave workshops alone – we run training courses for certification, because we believe that the time spent on improving the skills of mechanics always pays off in the form of loyal and satisfied customers. PTIA and TÜV SÜD guarantee clients and services independence in the assessment and awarding the Certificate as well as professional audit states Piotr Sarnecki, Polish Tyre Industry Association (PTIA) director.

A certified service will take care of your tyres!

  • will not damage the tyre (beads, tread grooves and inner layers) or rims,
  • clean the rim correctly,
  • mount tyres with the right tools and the right strength
  • replace the valves in the wheel and ensure the correct pressure
  • will use professional and serviced tools and devices
  • when necessary, it knows how to fix a flat tyre in a safe way for the driver

Search for certified tyre services!

  • up to 140 audit criteria
  • professional and serviced equipment
  • service training
  • high quality services

You can find a map of certified services, criteria and procedures on

The Tyre Certificate of the Polish Association of Tyre Industry and TÜV SÜD is the only indicator of high-quality tyre service.

Granting the certificate is preceded by a technical audit, during which the following are tested:

  • workshop’s technical equipment
  • mechanics’ skills
  • OHS conditions for employees
  • level of customer service and basic amenities (parking, bathroom, waiting room)

Workshops that have undergone an audit by TÜV SÜD and received the Polish Tyre Industry Association Certification of Tyre Services can be found on

Due to the wide variation in the quality of service in repair shops in Poland in the Tyre Certificate, there are three levels of advancement in tyre handling:

  • GOOD SERVICE – basic services performed at a high level, basic and serviced equipment suitable for most vehicles, basic amenities for customers
  • VERY GOOD SERVICE – GOOD level criteria and: more advanced equipment, greater accuracy of service, additional skills of mechanics, better conditions in the customer area
  • EXEMPLARY SERVICE – GOOD and VERY GOOD level criteria and: advanced equipment, the highest competence of service technicians, additional tyre services, the highest standard of customer service and verification by a secret customer.

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