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We want to help tyre services become more professional. An official recruitment for certification of tyre services has started.
The Polish Tyre Industry Association and independent auditors  officially launch tyre certificate application for all the tyre services. The application form is available on the website: https://certyfikatoponiarski.pl/form.php
Tire certificate starts with three-stage audit of tyre workshops in three segments – to be chosen by service – passenger car, truck and agricultural machinery.
The idea of an independent certificate was born out of the need to ensure the quality of tyre service support and to appreciate the efforts of good services. It is also a distinguishing feature that attracts new customers, who can easily find certificated workshops on our map. It is the only certificate in Poland that was created in cooperation with all producers. It allowed to create universal and general certification criteria and tyre replacement procedures – the same for all, transparent and reasonable. The tyre certificate is open to all tyre services in Poland – network, independent or even ASO.
Criteria for certification concerns technical equipment of the service as well as stuff education and their knowledge.
There are 3 levels of advancement in tire handling: (i) good, (ii) very good and (iii) exemplary. There are several main criteria (which are important for the assessment of general service of the website) in each of them. Given service can choose the level of certification. Checklist of criteria, for three vehicle segments, are available on the website: https://certyfikatoponiarski.pl/en/certification/.

The Tyre Certificate is valid for 2 years, under condition that a shortened surveillance audit is carried out one year after the certificate has been granted. Importantly, soon there will be free training for mechanics preparing for the certification audit. PTIA and independent auditors guarantee the independence of the certificate and a professional audit.
The drivers and owners of large vehicle fleets will be informed about the list of certified workshops. The marketing campaign addressed to them is from the beginning one of the main assumptions of this project. The certificate is supposed to be a help for good services in reaching customers. The distinctions of the tyre certificate that all the service will give to the positively ending audit are: a large information board with the logo of the certificate and an indication of the level of service and segment; entry stickers and a certificate in the form of a diploma.
We encourage you to jointly improve the quality of tyre services!



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