Certification of tyre services – the first tyre services already have it

Drivers can already use the first certified tyre workshops. A map with their location is available on the website www.certyfikatoponiarski.pl. Points will arrive every week. Submissions are received and subsequent services are undergoing the certification process. The project aimed at improving the quality of tyre services, which PTIA and TÜV SÜD started this year, is already bringing results.

In May and June, the media informed about the opening of applications for sites wishing to undergo an audit in order to obtain a Certification of tyre services. Today we can talk about the emerging map of workshops that have passed the certification process. They can officially use the visual identification of the Certification of tyre services, which becomes the distinguished feature by service owners and drivers, and confirmation of high-quality service. Customers look for such verified quality of services for their cars and agricultural machinery.

– In recent months we’ve received many reports from tyre workshops. The auditors of TÜV SÜD, after several first audits, arrange for the next visits. As a result of the certification, the first points have already appeared on our map. We are pleased that they were able to reach a very good and exemplary level right away – emphasizes Piotr Sarnecki, general director of the Polish Tyre Industry Association (PTIA).

– We have been on the market for 25 years and we have decided that the Certification of tyre services will be the perfect confirmation of our experience and skills acquired through these years. We decided to undergo an audit and apply for the highest certificate, which is exemplary. We learned about the criteria and procedure through media information. Thanks to this, it was easier for us to prepare and successfully pass the entire audit – says Michał Polak, a service technician from the WIM workshop in Łańcut, who was one of the first to receive a certificate at the exemplary level.

– We know about the Certification of tyre services project from one of our partners. We also saw materials in the trade press. The credibility of the Polish Tyre Industry Association and the reliability of the auditor convinced us for certification. The decision to undergo an audit was also influenced by the full transparency of this process. We could familiarize ourselves with the procedure and criteria before. We decided that without large additional investments, we would be able to achieve a very good level. In the future there will probably be time for a model certificate – says Agata Szturemska-Przybył, marketing manager at Auto-Gum in Cracow.

The PZPO Certification of tyre services is to help good tyre sevices become even better. Thanks to this, the customer will easily find where it will be served with proven quality. All information on the procedures and criteria to be met to apply for the certificate and application form can be found at www.certyfikatoponiarski.pl. The criteria have been developed to ensure the safety of both the service itself and service staff.

– In principle, nothing surprised us during the certification procedure, despite the fact that the audit is conducted in detail, both in terms of workshop equipment and employee knowledge. It is worth emphasizing, however, that certification has made us aware of the importance of educating younger employees. The team is evaluated, as a whole, not individual mechanics. We can suggest to other workshops that you can’t hide anything from an auditor from TUV SUD. In our case, the audit lasted about 4 hours and the auditor traced, among others full service process for one customer who visited our workshop that day – adds Michał Polak.

– In my opinion, the criteria of the Certification of tyre services reflect very well how the proper tyre service and professional customer service should be carried out in practice. Although many workshops have high qualifications and good equipment, it is still in terms of providing customers with comfort in the service, there is still a lot to do. I believe that as many workshops as possible should apply for a certificate, even at a good level. This does not have to involve additional costs and investments. It is worth to undergo an audit to improve internal processes and improve the quality of work – argues Agata Szturemska-Przybył.

Mechanics should be aware that you can’t take shortcuts in the tyre service process. Sooner or later, there will always be consequences if the tyre is not replaced correctly and it will usually be felt by the customer. Every workshop owner who wants to build the reputation of his point and long-lasting relationships with customers should follow exactly recommended procedures. An additional attachment to the certification criteria is the exemplary wheel handling procedure, based on tyre manufacturers’ guidelines. Regardless of whether you are talking about passenger cars, trucks or agricultural machinery, there are several dozen steps to replace the wheel and tyre service, the fulfillment of which guarantees damage to the rim or tyre. As you can see, these criteria can be met for any website that has the ambition to be the best in the area and attract the most customers.

– Training is conducted for workshops that want to prepare well for certification. We want them to cover the whole of Poland. The cycle began in July, and the nearest dates and places can be found on the certificate website www.certyfikatoponiarski.pl informs Piotr Sarnecki.

Representatives of workshops, which have been certified tyre emphasize that it distinguishes them from the competition. They hope that through a wide information campaign PZPO, drivers realize the necessity of using a tyre workshop, giving a guarantee not only professional service, but also security after leaving the service. Even if such points are slightly more expensive than others, customers will definitely notice their advantage.

– We know that the Certification of tyre services is not easy to obtain, which is why we are glad that it will be a very good distinction for us from the competition. We have already undergone various certifications and audits, but the Certification of tyre services is the most complete and – what is very important – objective and independent. As we all know, customers are increasingly looking for good services, following recommendations or opinions from the Internet. The PTIA certificate should be a clear indication for them where they can safely and professionally replace tyres – ends Michał Polak.

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