Did your car workshop replace the valve stems in your tyres?

Did your car workshop replace the valve stems in your tyres?

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Did you know that your mechanic should replace valve stems when changing tyres? Has your car repair shop properly cleaned rims? How do you know if the service has been performed correctly? In Poland there are nearly 12,000 tyre services in Poland. Unfortunately, the level of service and technical culture among them varies greatly. There is also a lack of a uniform training system. The worst thing is that we, as drivers, do not know to whom we can entrust our car.

Too many car workshops replace tyres in an unacceptable manner, often using too much force. This causes stretching and tearing of the inner layers of tyres, and even bead tear – that is those elements that transfer power from the tyres to the rim. That is why the Polish Tyre Industry Association, together with TÜV SÜD, an independent certification company, introduces a system for assessing and awarding professional services based on an independent audit of equipment and qualifications of technical staff. It’s worth choosing certified workshops that have undergone an audit and have been thoroughly checked. The Certification of Tyre Services helps car workshops to improve their quality – which is crucial for safety – increases their competitiveness, and gives customers confidence that the service will be performed by well-prepared professionals.

– How can you find a trustworthy car workshop? PTIA’s Certification of Tyre Services comes with benefits for both workshops and drivers. Thanks to it, customers are able to entrust their car to proven professionals and can be sure that auditors checked up to 140 criteria in the process of certification – including the technical condition of equipment, the skills of technical staff and the level of service. Those are very important as the driver is responsible for the technical condition of its car and the safety of himself and other road users. When choosing a certified car workshop, we can be sure that the service will be performed professionally, because the auditor has already thoroughly checked the actual technical capabilities of the car workshop for us. We don’t have to choose to use the services of a given garage only on the basis of the owner’s declarations of its alleged highest quality – says Piotr Sarnecki, general director of the Polish Tyre Industry Association (PTIA).

Certified car workshops will take care of your tyres!

  • they will not damage the tyre (bead, tread grooves and inner layers) or rims,
  • correctly clean the rim, tighten wheel lug nuts without torque wrench with the right force,
  • replace the valve stems in the wheel and ensure the correct tyre pressure
  • use professional and serviced tools and equipment
  • when necessary, will know how to fix a flat tyre in a safe way

Search for certified tyre services! Only they:

  • met even up to 140 audit criteria
  • have professional and serviced equipment
  • have trained staff
  • offer high quality tyre services

PTIA and TÜV SÜD’s is the only determinant of high-quality tyre services.

Certification is preceded by a technical audit during which the following are tested:

  • technical equipment
  • skills of service technicians
  • health and safety conditions for employees
  • level of customer service and basic amenities (parking, bathroom, waiting room)

Due to the great diversity of the quality of service in car workshops in Poland, the Certification of Tyre Services distinguishes 3 levels of service:

  • GOOD SERVICE – basic services are performed at a high level, has basic and serviced equipment suitable for most vehicles, has basic facilities for customers
  • VERY GOOD SERVICE – met the criteria for the GOOD level plus has more advanced equipment, higher accuracy of service, better skilled staff, better conditions in the customer zone
  • EXCELLENT WZOROWY – met the criteria for the GOOD and VERY GOOD levels plus: has the most advanced equipment, highly competent staff, offers additional tyre services, has the highest standard of customer service and verification by a mystery client.

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