• The tyre industry needs a special distinction of professional services with professional service.
  • It is professional and proper service that gives drivers confidence.
  • Certification of the workshop is primarily the promotion of new technologies both in the industry as well as in the service, as well as the introduction of a uniform standard of service at a high level.

The idea of a tyre certificate

  • Almost 15 thousand workshops are registered in Poland which deal with tyres.
  • Many of them work with specialists who are particularly appreciated and recommended.
  • The level of knowledge and practical skills of tyre service workers can become even better.
  • Skilled workshop staff is a guarantee of the highest quality service, which drivers will appreciate throughout the country.

Among other reasons, for these reasons, a tyre design project was developed by the Polish Tyre Industry Association in cooperation with TÜV SUD.

It consists in creating universal and clear criteria for technical service and customer service, on three levels, in three main segments – passenger, truck and agricultural tyres.

The Tyre Certificate confirms the reputation of the service and the criteria it meets, which determine the correct quality of tyre replacement and high service standards.

The tyre industry in the country is developing very dynamically – drivers have learned that it is worth investing in the highest standards of service. The Tyre Certificate is the answer of the Polish Tyre Industry Association to the market demand and drivers.

PZPO is an organization established by the largest tyre companies in the country. One of the most important areas of PZPO activity is to increase road safety and improve drivers’ awareness of the impact of tyres on driving safety.

TUV SUD – a leading company on the market of certification and research services, both in Poland and in Europe – is the entity that conducts the certification of the workshops. It is part of the international concern TÜV SUD Group.

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